Q-Sera Pty Ltd and JHL Biotech, Inc. Announce a Strategic Collaboration

Melbourne, Australia and Hsinchu, Taiwan, 22 May 2020

Q-Sera Pty Ltd is pleased to announce a collaboration with JHL Biotech, Inc. (Taiwan) to produce high yielding recombinant ecarin for commercial scale production of RAPClot™ Rapid Serum tubes.

Q-Sera has developed a superior serum/blood clotting tube, RAPClot™ Rapid Serum tube, for widespread use in hospitals and pathology labs. The tubes use a novel class of patented coagulation agents to rapidly clot blood samples to produce serum for analysis. These proteins, found in the venom of some of the world’s deadliest snakes can now be produced at commercial scale from modified cell lines developed by JHL Biotech using standard biotech manufacturing processes.

RAPClot™ Rapid Serum blood collection tubes are coated with RAPClot™, recombinant ecarin, resulting in tubes which rapidly produce high quality serum, including for blood samples that contain anti-coagulants. These benefits will provide cost efficiencies for healthcare systems and improved outcomes for patients.

JHL Biotech, Inc. has developed a number of proprietary cell lines and associated protein expression technologies to enable Q-Sera to produce its recombinant ecarin, RAPClot™, in higher yields. The companies have been collaborating under JHL’s partnering program in which it works with companies on products with disruptive potential such as Q-Sera’s RAPClotTM Rapid Serum tube.

Michael Grant, CEO of Q-Sera, said, “JHL Biotech’s proprietary technology has already been able to demonstrate that we can achieve high yield and low cost production of recombinant ecarin for use in our blood clotting tubes. This is potentially disruptive as Q-Sera seeks to provide a superior replacement for current serum and plasma tubes with the RAPClot™ Rapid Serum tube.”

About JHL Biotech, Inc.

JHL Biotech, Inc. is a biopharmaceutical company with deep experience in pharmaceutical/biologics development and operations with a global regulatory and clinical outreach. JHL is backed by premier financial firms, including Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Sequoia Capital, Biomark Capital, Milestone Capital, Cathay Life Insurance, and the China Development Industrial Bank. JHL Biotech’s mission is to provide the world with low-cost medicines of exceptional quality. JHL is focused on continuing to provide the highest-quality CDMO services for our esteemed clients and also research and development of new protein-based therapies and biosimilars. JHL has a world-class facility built in accordance with United States, European Union, and ICH cGMP regulations and standards and can produce biological products to be marketed globally.
For more information, please visit www.jhlbiotech.com

About Q-Sera Pty Ltd

Q-Sera is a registered company founded to commercialise intellectual property developed at the University of Queensland (UQ) and licensed by UniQuest which details active proteins and formulations for a new type of serum collection tube. The patented technology behind Q-Sera involves using a certain class of proteins (prothrombin activators) originally identified from the venom of specific snakes to accelerate the clotting of blood in an improved blood collection tube to produce high quality serum for biochemical analysis. Tubes have been manufactured and clinical studies completed, demonstrating the superiority of the Q-Sera Rapid Serum tube compared to the current commercial tubes in clotting blood and producing high quality serum for pathology testing from healthy and anti-coagulated patients.
For more information visit: www.q-sera.com